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Friday, May 22, 2009

MLB Tables Broadcast Blackout Restrictions

Maury Brown relays that the owners have — once again — tabled discussion of how to fix MLB's arcane and counterproductive broadcast restrictions. Luckily for us in the LA metroplex (and this is also true of major markets generally), we don't have to worry too much about this, because no matter what we get our local teams; where it affects people is in the periphery, and if you want to watch the Mariners in, say, Idaho, you're SOL because supposedly you have access to a broadcast there, but the reality may be wildly different. MLB.tv is no help either, because it screws you over by enforcing geographical restrictions, too.


"Will MLB's Stupid Blackout Rules Ever Get Fixed?"
"MLB Ponders Elimination Of Blackout Restrictions"
"MLB Looks Into EI Blackouts"

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Yes, here in the periphery we have real problems.

If you are a Sat TV subscriber, even one who has the MLB Extra Innings, you can't see the the nearest major-league team. Not from anywhere in San Diego County!


Fortunately, I like those teams from the metroplex to the north anyway.

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