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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Palmolive: Angels 6, Mariners 5

It certainly wasn't Matt Palmer's best outing, and while I keep coming back to his 30-year-old rookiness, it's also true that he just came of a CG win. That is, it's entirely possible going that long might have drained him of some of whatever it is that keeps him going out there, especially considering his admission that he has to "pitch hard every game", something that suggests he might not have the reserves to handle it as a starter. On the other hand, his 2008 season as a Fresno Grizzly (in particular, his elevated K/9) suggests he might have figured some things out last year, too.

Fortunately for the Angels (and Palmer), the Halos brought their bats against Felix Hernandez, touching him up for all six runs they needed. Apparently, Hernandez forgot he can throw a changeup, tossing only two the whole game; lucky for the Angels, because they did exactly squat against the M's bullpen. The same, miraculously, can be said of the Angels' bullpen, with Scot Shields looking like the old mower-down of batters. You could argue that his 5-0 record wasn't well-earned given the number of runs he surrendered (Palmer's ERA jumped by almost a run at the end of this game), but that's certainly not true of the Angels as a team.

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