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Friday, May 15, 2009

Two At Fangraphs

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"The amateur draft has not been an area of strength in recent years for the organization. The club has thumbed its nose at the draft while preferring to build a winning organization through free agency and trades."

John Lackey, Joe Saunders, Jered Weaver, Mike Napoli are draftees with proven records of success.

HK, Brandon Wood, and even Sean Rodriquez are MI that at least are valuable commodities.

Conger, Walden, Reckling, Kohn, Chatwood, Sweeney, Chaffee, Smith, Bourjos, Bell, Pettit are all guys that have a chance to be Major League Regulars and they were all drafted.

I don't think the Angels system is great, but to say they have thumbed their noses at it???? BS
The Gary Matthews, Jr. signing cost them a first-round pick, and outside of Adenhart there have been no steals since 2004. There have been some decent players (Chatwood) but hardly any of the others outside of Conger approach being impact players. Put it this way, who outside of Adenhart and Conger has lately made anybody's top 100 prospects lists?

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