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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Well, That Was A Pointless Waste Of Time: Brandon Wood Optioned To AAA

Whatever. Reggie Willits joined the team to replace him on the roster, and in the "guy who won't see any playing time" role.

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I have seen wood play many times... he can be really good... but he can just suck too.. he is kind of an all or nothing guy... hope he starts having more discipline
He started having more discipline last year, post-July. He carried it through ST and into the 2009 season in both AAA and the bigs. He looks like a completely different hitter now than a year ago. Just saying, he seems to have made an adjustment. I can't believe they called him up for those two weeks to watch him sit...

Just crappy. He needs AB, if not Anaheim, then SLC.

I don't know what they're saying -- trying to show him he's insufficiently motivated?

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