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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Anniversary Of A Marathon: 20 Years Ago Yesterday And Today, The Longest Game In NL History

Jerry Crowe reminds us that 20 years ago today, the Dodgers lost to the Astros in a game that started the day before and ran a mind-numbing 7 hours and 14 minutes.
The Saturday night marathon carried over into early Sunday, ending in the 22nd inning at the Astrodome with Fernando Valenzuela playing first base, Eddie Murray playing third base and third baseman Jeff Hamilton pitching for the Dodgers. .

Orel Hershiser, who'd lasted seven innings in a start only three days earlier, pitched seven innings in relief.

I heard yesterday that MLB rules now forbid an inning to start after 1:00 AM local, but haven't been able to find it in the CBA, or in the rules (so far).

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The rule about starting after 1 am I believe only applies to games that are delayed by rain. So if it's raining hard and it's 1 am, the game will be suspended if it's tied or in the situation that the Rays and Phillies were in last year.

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