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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Battle Of Simi Valley Becomes A Rout: Dodgers 6, Angels 4

Ignore the score on this one, as the Angels went sleepwalking from the third through the eighth; and when they didn't, as in the eighth with a man on, Vlad managed to bang into a double play.

The Dodgers could do no wrong in the gaps (and Russell Martin hit his first homer of the season, a no-doubter to left down the line), the Angels could do no right (Juan Rivera lined into a 5-3 double play with Vlad knocked out at first), and what should have been at least an interesting game turned into a snorer as Jered Weaver suffered his first really bad game in a long time. You're telling me he's worried about pitching in front of his mother? Nah, the Dodgers are just a really good team this year, and Weaver didn't bring his A game after the first two innings.

The Angels scored early on Bobby Abreu's RBI single, but then the Angels and their idiotic self-punishment on the basepaths once again caught up to them, as Abreu turned himself into a gift out, CS 2-4 and it wasn't even close. Vlad reached on a two-out single and stole second, but Juan Rivera, yesterday's hero, came up empty with the bat on his shoulder as strike three sailed past.

In the second, Kendry Morales belted a solo shot into the high right field seats to make it 2-0 Angels, but then Weaver faced the minimum through the end of the fifth. The second he got in trouble to start the sixth with a leadoff triple to Chone Figgins, Torre yanked him for the good parts of his bullpen, i.e. Ramon Troncoso and Ronald Belisario. Both pitched excellent relief and held the Angels offense scoreless. In the ninth, Jonathan Broxton gave up a highly improbable two-run homer to Gary Matthews, Jr., of all people, but that was pretty much a non-event given that it only brought the Angels two runs closer, and there were still two out. The crowd, of course, had long ago figured the game was over back in the eighth after Vlad's pathetic rally-killer, and torrents of red- and blue-clad fans hit the exits. Broxton nailed the save* finished the game by getting Erick Aybar to tap out to Orlando Hudson at second, and that was it for the Halos.

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*Not a save situation, per commenter 60ft6in, but a sloppy, half-awake comment from me.

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It was not a save situation. Jonathan Broxton entered the game with a 6-2 lead and did not qualify for a save.

That means if the Angels had rallied to tie or win the game Broxton would not have gotten a blown save. The philosopher's club has ruled that if a pitcher cannot get a save he cannot get a blown save. Never mind the fact that a middle reliever can get a blown save in the 6th inning (Yes, he might do a Moe Drabowsky and get a four inning save. Most likely he won't.). Yes it happens. In the late 90's Red Sox closer Tom Gordon entered a game in Atlanta with a five run lead and proceeded to give up six runs. Gordon was credited with the loss but NOT a blown save.

Thank goodness Eric Gagne did not have a blown save disappear down this black hole during his 84 consecutive save streak.
Gah. Can't believe I typed that.

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