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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dodgers Pin The Loss On Peña, Schlereth With Surprise Eighth: Dodgers 6, Diamondbacks 5

The Dodgers' offense sleepwalked through Danny Haren's time on the mound outside of Andre Ethier's solo blast in the second; is there any cliché more hoary than the one about how dead offenses look when they're not hitting? Randy Wolf took 100% of the Snakes' attack, giving up four of the five earned runs he surrendered on a grand slam to Justin Upton. The Dodgers' offense came right back to life the minute Tony Peña* took the mound; he's having a rough time against the Dodgers with an eye-popping 15.00 ERA against them this year (probably not as high prior to this game, but, just saying), so you'd think that A.J. Hinch would know better than to use him again.

Eh, not so much. The Dodgers' merry-go-round kicked into overdrive, getting some help from a crappy strike zone against Daniel Schlereth, who eventually entered the game to relieve Peña. And then Broxton in the ninth, and who can complain about the outcome? (Aside from understandably disgruntled Arizona fans.)

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*I've given up on writing diacriticals in the names of foreign players whose names contain them, because it makes them harder to find in the archives if I want to look for them; I first had this problem with Eric Gagné, but it also happened with Bartolo Colón and obviously Peña is another candidate. But since I started on the hed, I figured I had to continue, at least for this one post.

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