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Monday, June 15, 2009

How About That: Angels Pen Still Stinks In The NL: Angels 9, Giants 7

I guess I should say something nice about Lackey's 10-K game, which was mostly very impressive, albeit for similar reasons as Weaver's game on Sunday. That is, both were facing relatively weak opponents in the NL West, so you have to necessarily derate Lackey's game. Nevertheless, the Angels' seven-run fourth pretty much settled this game.

Erick Aybar, Bobby Abreu, and Juan Rivera (update: and S-Rod) all homered.

Kevin Jepsen? Not ready for prime time. Still.

Update: Yikes, how could I forget about Torii Hunter hitting the wall and being taken out of the game? X-rays came back normal, so he probably got the wind knocked out of him.

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Wait...I thought the Giants were the NL Wild Card leader, had won 9 of their last 12, have a better record than the Angels, and have the second best team ERA in all of baseball.

Can't we just give Lackey and the boys their due now and then?
Giants, as of Sunday, were the second-worst offensive team in the NL.
Lest us not forget Sean Rodriguez also homered.
Which doesn't really nullify my points about their pitching, recent hot streak or superior record. You can't call the Wild Card leader with the second best pitching staff in the Majors a "weak" team without serious qualification.

Look, until the seventh inning, Lackey's stuff was clearly elite. No need to spend half the post "derating" his performance. His curve would have played against any team last night.

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