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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

UTK On Ervin Santana

From today's UTK:
There's a big difference between the Arizona Rookie League and the American League. Still, 45 pitches for Santana in a complex game is something, and it's enough for the Angels to plan for him to come off of the DL. Reports have his velocity "touching 92," which isn't where he normally is. (Why hasn't someone replaced Josh Kalk's oft-missed pitcher cards with their own resource?) Santana will slot in to the Angels' rotation this weekend with a pitch limit and an elbow that hasn't held up after a sprain. I don't have high hopes for him being consistent or even available through the rest of the season.
This is extremely discouraging. His lack of velocity was already the most noticeable issue he had. If the Angels let Dr. Santana declare himself ready for the Show, they have only themselves to blame when he gets lit up.

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