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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Christina Kahrl On The Angels' Second Half

At Baseball Prospectus:
While the Angels have the AL's best offense outside of the three titans of the East, with Torii Hunter out until the end of the month and Vladimir Guerrero gone for even longer, that's going to be hard to sustain. Using Mike Napoli at DH only exacerbates the problem, since it puts Jeff Mathis' unacceptably weak stick in the lineup. To get the power they're missing, the Angels need to take their chances with Brandon Wood at third base right now—he's already 24, and his translated performance at Salt Lake this season is .266/.320/.522. Push Chone Figgins out to left field, leave Napoli behind the plate, and keep on bringing Angels baserunners home.
She also suggests the Rangers might want to make a play for Roy Halladay to bolster their weak rotation, while the Mariners will need help offensively in the extended absence of Adrian Beltre.



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