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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mariners Trade Wladimir Balentien To Cincinnati

It's been a busy day in the Pacific Northwest, as Lookout Landing relays a report that OF Wladimir Balentien was traded to Cincinnati for RHP Robert Manuel. Balentien had loads of power in the minors (only once in his minor league career did he ever post a SLG under .500 in a full season), but his at-times diffident OBPs led to questions about his ability to hit in the majors ... sound like anyone we know (*Cough*Howie Kendrick*cough)? Manuel, 25, has pitched 4.1 innings in the Show, all scoreless; he appears to have had some time as a closer for AAA Louisville, with 10 saves. His K/BB ratio there was an outstanding 3.80 while maintaining a 7.3 K/9. It's an odd deal for the perpetually pitching-starved Reds to be making, but maybe not, especially when you consider Dusty Baker is calling the shots (in part) over there; he thought Corey Patterson was a good player, too.

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