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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Two Lousy Games

Baseball Is A Funny Game Dep't: Mets 5, Dodgers 4

I'm ready to call this one of the one third you lose.

Yahoo boxDodgers recap

Welcome To Second Place, Dr. Santana: Rangers 8, Angels 1

Santana was sitting mostly 92-93 from what I could tell with a quick inspection of Gameday data, and got knocked around accordingly; earlier optimistic comments about his poor performance appear ill-founded.

Andruw Jones homered three times. There's a certain irony that I'm sponsoring his page, doubled up by the fact that I have a snarky comment posted there.

The Angels are not a good team.

Yahoo boxAngels recap

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"It was as crazy a play as I've seen since Jose Mota threw backwards to K-Rod at the plate to nail the Indians baserunner." Better change that to Jose Molina making that backhand flip to Francisco Rodriguez. Very likely Jose Mota interviewed Jose Molina after that game. Mo bettah you sponsor Jose Mota's BaseballReference.com page than Andruw Jones'! I was at both the Jose Molina backhand flip game and Wednesday night's Andruw Jones big fly hat trick game.
The funny thing there is that I saw that typo after I wrote it and still didn't correct it.

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