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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two Sweeps

Sweeping Ugly: Angels 9, Royals 6

Joe Saunders has delivered quality starts in only 45% of his appearances this year, the second-worst figure of his career. The difference between this year and his 2007 season is that now he's been sucking in June and July instead of just September; he's turned in exactly two quality starts in those months.

Well, no matter, as the Angels' offense (and the Royals' godawful bullpen) rode to the rescue, pounding out five runs in the seventh, starting with Mike Napoli's game-tying two-run, opposite field shot. Comebacks are great, but the starting pitching has to be better. Has to.

Yahoo boxAngels recap

More Hollywood Than Hollywood: Dodgers 6, Reds 2

Manny Ramirez' first-pitch, pinch-hit grand slam on his bobblehead night? Oh, Plaschke will hate that.

Update: Time-Warner dropped out during the Manny slam. Glad I had Verizon FiOS; I was in the garage listening to the game on radio, when I heard the slam, and went into the living room to see it. Fortunately, HD is on a roughly five second delay versus radio, and boom.

Yahoo boxDodgers recap

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