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Friday, July 10, 2009

Will Carroll On Torii Hunter And Other Angels Injuries

In today's UTK:
I've determined that my epitaph is likely to be "a strain is a tear!" Once again, the confusion of terminology has come to confuse people. Hunter had an MRI on his adductor, which determined there was a Grade II strain. There, that's your proper description of the injury. More commonly, he has what gets called a "groin strain", which is less serious than a "groin tear." The word people are actually looking for with "tear" in that latter instance is "rupture," meaning that there has been a complete separation of muscle from muscle or tendon from bone. While both a Grade II and Grade III strains indicate tearing in the muscle, only the Grade III indicates rupture. Don't let the terminology fool you, though: Hunter's hurting, and the key fact here is that it's an aggravation of a chronic injury; as Hunter said, he's been "feeling it for about a month." He won't go blind, just to the DL unless there's rapid improvement.
I missed yesterday's UTK, which has news about Torii, Vlad, and Kelvim Escobar:
I often say two contradictory things, so I need to explain how they actually work in concert. The operative phrases here are "don't believe your eyes" and "what you see guides us." Both statements are true, but you have to use both to understand what's going on with Vladimir Guerreo. The video showed him making a long stride as part of his throw in from the outfield, then immediately collapsing, leaving him on one knee and grabbing behind it. The "collapsing" part is a bit strong; he goes to the knee more than collapses, but I understand why that word would be used. He is grabbing behind the knee, but it's the calf, not the knee itself, which creates another confusing point. I've looked at the video several times, and you can see him push forward as he grabs, as if he's trying to stretch a cramp. So having seen all that, we have to forget it and trust the information we get from his MRI. Early indications are that he's dealing with a moderate strain at the top of his calf. Guerrero may head to the DL or be forced back to DH for a while, though he'd expose the leg to further problems. Joining Guerrero in the training room and the MRI tube was Hunter; the rangy center fielder says he has been dealing with a chronic groin strain for a month. The pain has gotten more significant, and the MRI was done both to see how significant the strain is, its precise location, and to rule out the dreaded acetabular labrum issue we've seen several times this year. Finally, the Angels are finally admitting that Escobar is likely done for the year. As I've said since the pre-season, Escobar's comeback was a long shot, and it says something about him that he was able to come back at all.

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And, like clockwork, the Angels send Hunter and Guerrero to the DL, and call up Brandon Wood and Bobby Wilson, the latter ostensibly to let Napoli DH.

No word on who replaces Hunter in the ASG, or where and how much Wood will actually play.
BTW, I was having trouble posting here yesterday. Seemed to be a Blogger authentication issue that pushed the captcha key phrase off-screen such that one couldn't enter the necessary key phrase before final submit. Pain in the ass.
Yeah, Helen mentioned it, too. I think it's been fixed since.
(I don't see it because I'm the blog owner, and never get a captcha.)

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