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Saturday, August 29, 2009

About That PTBNL In The Kazmir Deal: B-Wood?

David Pinto passes on a Rays Index post indicating that the player to be named later may already be on the Angels 40-man roster, and speculates that it's Brandon Wood. If it's B-Wood, color me mighty upset.

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I highly doubt that it's Wood. The Rays already have their 3B in Longoria, a veteran 1B in Pena, and a SS who's just about ready in Brignac. Their only IF need is 2B and Wood doesn't play there.

If it's someone on the 40-man, my guess would be Sean Rodriguez, though I'd rather it be Terry Evans.
If the PTBNL is either Wood, S-Rod, Walden or Reckling I am gonna be annoyed. Sweeney is a pretty damn good prospect in the DH league and Torres is a lot better than I thought he was.

Anyway, I really hope this is a Terry Evans kind of thing....
Some over at BTF have guessed Willits might be the guy involved. I'm guessing the 3rd guy is based on how Kazmir does the rest of the season and if he stays healthy. Hopefully we won't get burned too badly in this deal...
Angels fans are deluding themselves if its Reggie Willitis. Dude is a corner outfielder that can't hit for power. He's a 5th outfielder at best.
B Wood ? yeah right. guess guess --- Howie? Ervin? Weave? Saunders? this is nothing I'm going to loose sleep over - the 'names' have already been mentioned - the PTBNL is always a lesser talent. The deal didn't get done until a 3rd player was added according to the accounts. If they were willing to part with Wood up front, I'd think we could have had Kazmir in April. And as pointed out, there is less room for Wood on TB's left side moreso than our own.
Rosenthal says its either catcher Bobby Wilson, or Sean Rodriguez.

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