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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bell Channels His Inner Bozo: Blue Jays 8, Angels 3

I remember catching some heat recently when I suggested the Angels' starting rotation has been doing far too much imploding lately, and it's exactly this sort of thing that I'm thinking of. Bell clearly had nothing, and pretty much gave up the game in the first couple innings; the rest was denouement. Nothing against Bell — he's a kid who was clearly rushed to the majors following a long string of tragedy and injuries — but this is simply happening too often. The offense can't carry the team every game.

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there are worse things in life than worrying about a 5th starter for what continues to appear as a play-off bound team, so BellPalmerOSullivanBuehlerfromSLC is just getting to be a minor annoyance at this point.

Not finding the Halos on DirectTV this morning, I watched the Ranger game and really enjoyed the announcers during the game and post game show's continual reference to the WC standings and the Rangers place in them, in relation to Boston and TB, with only one reference to the happenings in Toronto today.

Season ain't over and the West ain't won, but i did enjoy the fact that the Texas TV crew was more focused on the Wild Card standings.
I guess. The thing I find troubling is that on any give start, one of Lackey/Weaver/Santana will appear to be the fifth starter. You can't afford that in the postseason.

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