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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jake Locker Inks Angels Deal, But There's Less There Than Meets The Eye

Wow, just wow. I figured this had to be the wildest of Eddie Bane's wild "signability" gambles, but the U. Washington quarterback is gonna be an Angel. Uh, wait, just when will he start playing in the AZL or Midwest League?
Jake Locker said he didn't want to go into details of the contract but that it was "kind of vague" as to whether there were any commitments to do anything baseball-related down the road. But there is apparently nothing in the deal that precludes him from playing football.

But with the signing, the Angels own Locker's rights for the next six years and should he want to play baseball at any point during that time, he would have to play for them.

So the Angels have his exclusive rights as a baseball player, should he choose to become one. This sounds like a bonanza for Scott Boras: find another sport that his charge might one day want to play, get him playing it on a college team, and whoops!

I'm tempted to tag this with the "stupid ideas" label, but the jury, obviously, is going to be out for a long time on this one.

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Well, the Angels have now signed 15 of their top 16 picks, so I'll give Bane & Co a wide berth this round. I've liked what I've seen from several of this year's selections, so if Eddie wants to get exploratory with his fourteenth pick from the tenth round, so be it.
Yeah, he seems to like high risk/high reward types, even at the occasional expense of signability. This is one of those cases. I'm not sure what to make of it, really, because I don't think I've ever heard of such a thing before: a contract that makes the prospect exclusive but only for baseball? And lets him play football, too? Wuzza?
anyone that reminds people of grady sizemore is worth the risk to me...

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