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Monday, August 24, 2009

John Perrotto On The Angels' Disastrous/Miraculous Season

Worth reading in its entirety. Excerpt:
[T]he Angels’ success has as much to do with organizational philosophy. Figgins knows that is a constant with the Angels as he broke into the major leagues with the 2002 team that won the franchise’s only World Series title. "Management does a great job of finding the right players for this organization, whether it’s by drafting them as amateurs or trading for them or singing them as free agents," Figgins said. "The mindset here is a little bit different than it is in a lot of organizations. It’s always about the team first. It’s about doing things like moving the runner over and getting him in. Some people call it small ball but I call it playing the game the right way. I really believe we play the game the right way every single day. The most important part is everyone buys into it. Some players don’t want to hit .290 instead .300 even if it helps the team win because it could ultimately hurt their salary and chances of finding work. However, guys on this team don’t worry about stats. Other clubs see how we play the game. Even though our guys never have the best stats in the league, they also never have a hard time finding another job when it’s time to leave here."

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