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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pickoff Moves, Bedtime Edition

You Know You're Gonna Lose When ...: White Sox 5, Angels 4

A totally frustrating outing for the Angels, whose bullpen couldn't get the job done, and neither could the offense, which made the Twins sweep possible. Sorry, you're not going to score double digits every game.

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Laugher: Dodgers 17, Brewers 4

The last time the Dodgers scored 17 runs at home it was May 25, 1979, and the Dodgers were pounding the holy hell out of the Reds, and ... Tom Seaver? Funny things happen.

The Dodgers scored in crooked numbers in three different frames in this one, including a seven-run sixth that had a Manny Ramirez "double" that broke his RBI-less streak (the ball actually hit the glove of Brewers third baseman Craig Counsell but bounced against the left field wall). Like a lot of high-scoring games, it was actually pretty tedious in the main.

Yahoo boxDodgers recap

Brandon Webb To Have Season-Ending Surgery

Jon raised the prospect that Brandon Webb might be rehabbing in a Dodgers uniform this coming 2010 season; I don't rightly know for sure, but it seems that Webb is a reasonable gamble, because even if he comes back at half what he was before, he might still be useful.

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I was at that May 25, 1979 game. I was a huge Cincinnati Reds fan at the time, so it was a particularly depressing episode. Although Seaver didn't pitch well, the game really got out of hand when Reds' reliever Frank Pastore allowed ten runs in an inning. My mom and I left (I was not quite 9 years old) when the score was 17-2. I can still hear Vin Scully saying it for the radio audience: "Seventeen to two; not seven, seventeen." Without looking at the box score, I believe Rick Sutcliffe pitched for the Dodgers, and even hit a homerun to left field.
And I didn't even mention Guillermo Mota getting booted for throwing at Prince Fielder, or Manny finally breaking out of his slump. Too much good stuff.
... or Fielder chasing down the Dodgers' tunnel to find Mota.
Correction: I've now looked at the box score. I was mostly right about Sutcliffe, except the HR was to right field. Also, while Pastore did yield 10 runs, it was not all in one inning (just seemed like it, I guess). Pastore allowed five HR in his outing. Thanks for dredging up that nightmarish evening, Rob...
Re last night: or Prince Fielder trying to get into the Dodgers' clubhouse to get Mota after the game ended.
Just for the sake of accuracy, Manny actually hit a home run in the 5th that broke the RBIless streak. The 'double' was just icing on the cake.

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