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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pickoff Moves

Meta: Dog Slow

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that we have a pair of new dogs, English Shepherds rescued from a Montana breeder who allowed her situation to get out of control; her property was raided in December of last year, with about a hundred dead dogs found, including one next to her bed, with the remaining 200+ still alive basically feral. The dogs were released to the National English Shepherd Rescue earlier in the month, and we elected to get two, a five-month-old puppy and a five-year-old adult, both females. Both arrived yesterday. Neither are house trained, and there will be some adjustments as we get everyone settled. Posting will likely be slow for a while.

Let's Hang On To What We've Got: Angels 5, Indians 4

With a name like Fausto, you'd think that Carmona would be pitching better than he has; but apparently deals with the devil come with revokability clauses, and he ended the day with a 6.31 ERA, giving up five runs, three earned, to the Angels. Andy Marte provided a two-out error in the second that allowed the Angels to ultimately score a pair.

Vlad did Vlad things, going 3-for-5 but only scoring one run and driving in none, but the glory was distributed fairly evenly offensively. Trevor Bell managed his first major league win, and was two outs away from a quality start. Luckily for him, the bullpen didn't implode, or at least, too badly (Jason Bulger gave up a run but that was it).

Yahoo boxAngels recap

Dodgers Make The Most Of Their Rotation Matchups: Dodgers 7, Cardinals 3

Vin Scully was commenting during the game how the Dodgers were facing Chris Carpenter Monday, and Adam Wainwright Wednesday, so they needed to make the most of their opportunity to get to Mitchell Boggs yesterday. They did, and while they didn't get started until the fourth, by the end of five they had amassed a 5-0 lead that eroded but never evaporated, banging out a fusillade of mostly singles that chased Boggs after only four. It was a good game for the Dodgers and a rare win against an NL Central opponent that's played them tough all year.

Sore toe or not, Jonathan Broxton even pitched a scoreless inning and a third. Go him.

Yahoo boxDodgers recap

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