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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two Games

Angels Clock Corvids: Angels 7, Blue Jays 3

After Ervin Santana gave up three in the bottom of the third — immediately after his offense gave him a 3-0 lead in the top of the frame — I was seriously thinking it was time to go walk the dogs, or head to the garage, or go do some lawn care. (Those who say I'm a pessimist have first to answer to his career 9.00 ERA at the SkyDome prior to tonight's game.) The latter I ended up doing anyway, eventually, but not before Santana managed to prove himself better than all that, finishing six frames without relinquishing a run along the way.

The Angels' offense touched up Scott Richmond for an additional run, Vlad's solo shot in the sixth, but provided themselves with some insurance in the eighth against Brian Tallet, with Juan Rivera hitting a two-run jack and Gary Matthews, Jr. cashing in Erick Aybar on an RBI triple. The end of the game more than made up for the early frustrations.

And one question I would like to see answered: why on earth was this scheduled ahead of the Fox broadcast slot? Wouldn't this overlap with the Fox slot on the east coast? Or is that not applicable in Canada?

Yahoo boxAngels recap

Dodgers Drive Cubs To Brink: Dodgers 2, Cubs 0

The fat lady's warming up on the Cubs' season; Charlie Haeger's shutout — his second straight excellent start — may not have been the death knell, but it's something very like it, or maybe, this series is. The Cubs now stand eight games out of the division race (following this loss and a 7-0 Cards shutout of the Padres), and seven games out of the Wild Card.

The Dodgers' runs came courtesy of a pair of solo shots in the second and fourth, respectively, by Matt Kemp and Casey Blake. Interesting: Jonathan Broxton worked the eighth, while George Sherrill closed the game and got his first National League save of the year.

Yahoo boxDodgers recap

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This wasn't considered one of the Fox Saturday broadcasts, which meant, happily, that I could watch it on MLB.TV. The Fox games began at 4 PM ET. (I guess I don't totally understand the question -- it wouldn't overlap the Fox games unless it ran over the typical three hours. Or if you meant why wouldn't this be the east coast Fox game, well, I think the Yankees and the Red Sox can answer that for you.)
I thought the Fox time slot was 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM in whatever time zone the home team is, but I guess it's uniformly 1:00 PM PDT.
Torre actually used his bullpen correctly for once (and I'm not a "Sherrill is better guy", it's just intelligent to use your best reliever against the other team's best hitters).

And Padilla shouldn't take Haeger's spot.
Right, Fox slot is 1-4 PT, or 4-7 ET, letting east coast teams play day games at 12:30 or 1:00 without conflict. I don't think they consider the end of games going over 3 hours a conflict - at least I hope they don't black out the end of those games locally. I'm sure they don't.

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