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Friday, August 07, 2009

Unacceptable: Rangers 11, Angels 6

I rarely leave games early, but this was an exception. Joe Saunders needs to figure out what the hell is wrong, and be quick about it. One and two thirds innings is a godawful outing, and he was up there throwing meatballs, too. The Angels were having their usual recent troubles hitting Scott Feldman... unbelievable. Unbearable.

We left the game as Justin Speier was giving up consecutive homers, to Omar Goddamn Vizquel and Michael Young. Young I can handle. Vizquel? His first home run in two years! Good God.

Update: The Rangers continued scoring even unto the ninth, making it 11-6 when the dust settled. Maicer Izturis drove in four of the Angels' five runs, three of them on a homer.

Supposedly Joe Saunders has shoulder tightness which I wouldn't be too surprised to discover is either (a) a phantom injury to get him off the major league roster for a while, or (b) a real injury that explains how bad he's been ever since May.

The Rev reports passes on a radio report that Jose Arredondo got the callup to replace Saunders on the 25-man, as Hokie Joe has indeed hit the DL.

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The REV reports? How ironic...

STEVE PHYSIOC reports. On the radio.
Fixed. Whinger.

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