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Thursday, August 13, 2009

U.S.S. Mariner Suggests A New Home For Justin Speier

No fair guessing where it is.
Justin Speier, just released by the Angels yesterday, would love Safeco Field, where his home run problem would be somewhat limited. You could give him Batista’s spot immediately and make a nice little upgrade, while also finding a guy who you might want back next year. Or, you know, just promote Randy Messenger or something. Anything’s better than watching Miguel Batista anymore.
I would actually want to check on that comment because Speier isn't just giving up home runs, he's giving up monsters on pitches that major league hitters probably haven't seen since they were in A ball. The whole reason that Safeco is such a good pitcher's park is because righty pull hitters have a hard time yanking the ball into the left field power alleys. Yet, four of his seven home runs were to center or right center. That is to say, he's getting clobbered, and in at least one case, by an embarrassingly old shortstop who hadn't hit a home run in two years. I dunno, up to them, but I wouldn't.

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