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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

UTK On Vlad, Torii

Will Carroll on Vlad in today's "Under The Knife" column:
Torii Hunter (8/14)
Vladimir Guerrero
American League rules make injuries a bit interesting, because the flexibility given by the DH can help teams or handcuff them. The White Sox are locked in with Jim Thome, for example; it's not a bad thing, but because he can't play anywhere else, it pushes someone like Carlos Quentin back onto the field. The Angels are using their slot to get Vladi back more quickly and to protect him from further injury. It does take away some roster flexibility, but this team hasn't been using it as much as juggling constantly to find a mix that's both healthy and effective. They have, yet again, and given that situation, it makes me think that Mike Scioscia might just be the best manager in the game right now. When he plays, Guerrero will be at DH for the rest of the season, but expect some regular rest to make sure he's available down the stretch. Meanwhile, the Angels will finally start Hunter's rehab assignment on Friday. There's no news on the delay, though there's some suggestion that the team simply slow-walked this one.

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