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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Words Of Wisdom From Joe Sheehan To The Dodgers

At Baseball Prospectus:
You can’t get too caught up in the narrative. The Dodgers still have a two-game lead and the better team, although the gap between them and the Rockies has narrowed throughout the season. My real takeaway is that the gap between the Rockies and the other wild-card contenders has been understated. This is much, much better team than the Giants or Braves or Marlins, and having taken a closer look at them, I’m sold on the fact that it’s the NL West, not the East or Central, that will provide half the league’s playoff teams this season. The Braves simply won’t score enough to back their staff, nor will the Giants. The Rockies have a complete team, their sole weakness being a bullpen that is deep but not terribly effective—as we saw last night—and while not 52-22 good, deserve to be considered the favorites in the wild-card chase.
Sheehan actually notes that the Dodgers' real lead isn't two games, but six for a playoff slot (the Giants are six back in the division race). It's a good point.

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I never thought I would be saying this... but Torre has the power to turn the dodgers around, right away without a trade. We were winning until Ramirez came back from his 50 game suspension. Ramirez is trying but Torre needs to sit him to get Pierre in there. With Pierre we were winning and we will win again. Its not so much physical as mental. With Pierre, the players are not relying on Manny. Its like they are proving they can do it on their own. There is more pride... and Pierre digging out of being nobody... to a spark plug inspires the guys. Manny can come back here and there... and for the playoffs he is indispensible. But this change has to continue until the team turns around by showing they can win five and eight in a row.
Pierre having a career year is good and all, and he was earlier in "Beast Mode", but is there any reason whatsoever to think this will end happily?
Benching Manny Ramirez for Juan Pierre is one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard. How about James Loney and Rafael Furcal and Russell Martin start picking it up and producing?

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