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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Your 2003 Dodgers 2009 Giants: Dodgers 9, Giants 1

I was reading the McCovey Chronicles' recap of Monday's game, containing this graf:
So, yay, the Giants are contending for the wild card. THEY'RE JUST ONE GAME BACK OF A PLAYOFF SPOT, DIDN'T YOU HEAR? But I feel deceived right now. This isn't a playoff team; this isn't a playoff lineup. This is a fantastic pitching staff going to waste.
It recalls the 2003 Dodgers and their unbelievable and historical reliance on the pitching staff. I haven't done the work yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if a similar effect is in operation with the Giants this year.

As for yesterday's game itself, thanks to lousy AT&T coverage (possibly just in my section, we stopped having trouble once I got out of the park), I wasn't able to follow this one much while it was happening, but boy what a rout: the only Giants run came on a scoring Eugenio Velez ground out, while the Dodgers eventually spanked Joe Martinez, sending him to the showers before the fifth was over. Matt Kemp (3-for-5 with three RBIs and a homer) and Manny Ramirez (3-for-3 with a homer and two walks) did most of the damage. Again, McCovey:

Just think: if the Giants squeak out a first-round victory against some hapless, sleeping division winner, we can relive this series in the NLCS! Wouldn't it be awesome to watch Matt Kemp go 16-for-12 in the NLCS?
I, of course, would answer in the affirmative, but having suffered through the 2003 Dodgers (who can forget the trade deadline deal that brought the Dodgers the washed-up corpse of Robin Ventura!) I think I'll enjoy the 2009 Dodgers. When I can actually follow them.

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