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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Kendry Morales Named AL Player Of The Month

Kendry Morales was named AL player of the month for August, with eight doubles and 10 homers, hitting .385 on the month, and a .409 on base percentage. He had previously been named the Player of the Week for the final week of July.

Fairly recent pieces at the Times and Fangraphs have exclaimed how the Angels don't much miss Mark Teixeira. While I'll be very curious to see whether Kendry can keep this kind of All-Star production up next year (and won't be too surprised if he fails to do so — look at that narrow gap between his batting average and his OBP), what's interesting is that, when I checked a few days ago, he was dead tied by VORP with Teix; he presently leads by about four runs (39.1 for K-Mo, vs. 35.4 for Teix).

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