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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Rays Get Sean Rodriguez, And Color Me Annoyed

Per the St. Petersburg Times, the PTBNL in the Kazmir trade is Sean Rodriguez. Boy, talk about a huge gamble. S-Rod was worth quite a bit on his own. It's now put up or shut up time for Brandon Wood.

Thanks to Tripon in the comments for the heads-up.

Update: Tony Reagins confirms the deal:

“We feel we gave up a lot in moving Sean,” Reagins said. “He’ s a quality baseball player and a baseball player in the true sense of the word. Very intelligent, great instincts, able to play multiple positions — I think that’s what made him attractive to the Rays.

“But with the depth we have in the middle infield we felt it was a move we could afford to make.”

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I don't get this deal at all. Our farm system isn't overflowing with hitting prospects, so we go out and trade two of them for more pitching. It just seems like a desperation move. It's well known that Artie is desperate to get a ring, so you wonder if ordered Reagins to do something. Lets hope we get the Kazmir that was traded by the Mets, instead of the Kazmir that's been pitching the past 2 seasons.
I agree with Miles. Isn't it feesible we could have used this same package and perhaps add another prospect (if we already gave up this much why not add a bit more) in order to get a true ace such as Cliff Lee? I just see us having not to worry about our fifth starter anymore, which is fine enough during the season, but aren't we looking to win a WS?

Meanwhile our bullpen still is a mess and we just got a starter with a pretty bad lifetime WHIP and someone who consistently does not go past 6 innings.

Might as well have traded for some solid bullpen help for half the cost. What a gamble...
Cliff Lee: 3 month rental

Kazmir: under contract through 2012. In the American League, Lee arguably isn't any more of an ace than a healthy Kazmir (who's also only 25).

Also be aware that Cleveland (Lee) and Toronto (Halladay) were demanding pitching in return...pitching that is major league ready. This deal did not cost anybody on the Angels 25-man roster, or anyone they expected to be a starter in 2010. The lone pitching prospect in the deal likely won't see the majors until 2011 at the earliest.
Lee has a $9M team option for 2010. Kazmir is owed $8M in 2010 and $12M in 2011. Plus a $13.5M team option in 2012.

I'd much rather have Lee at this point than Kazmir. Lee had proven his 2008 season wasn't a fluke, while Kazmir's career is headed in the wrong direction. Plus Kazmir is just about to get pretty expensive.

I understand that Tampa Bay wanted to shed payroll, but they're still in the middle of a playoff hunt. Does it bother anyone that they were so willing to get rid of their "best" pitcher at the end of August. Why wouldn't they just wait until the offseason and shop him around?
Probably because the Rays realized a starter is never so valuable as when a team needs insurance. Shopping him in the offseason (especially with the risk that late-season miles might cause another drop in production) would possibly hurt his value.

We won't know whether this is a good trade or not until the close of the 2011 season.
I agree with Rob. We need at least a year or more to evaluate this trade. There are too many unknowns.

If I'm annoyed at all, it's because a number of other teams got more with less this trading season. OTOH, Torres and Sweeney were barely on the prospect radar at the beginning of the season, and S-Rod was at best a known-unknown AAAA guy who was third or fourth on the depth chart.

All of them have high ceilings and not a one of them are can't miss. About the same we can say of Kazmir.
i absolutely like this trade. I just never saw S-Rod as that great of prospect and he's not even in the same leagure as B. Wood as far as natural ability and potential. I still believe Wood is a future All Star and S Rod's future is as a utility player and he's pretty much hit his ceiling and is at the peak of his value NOW.

Three minor leaguers for Kazmir. I'm happy, especially the way Kazmir has been pitching lately.

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