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Monday, September 28, 2009

This One's For You, Nick: Angels 11, Rangers 0

The usual nonsense does not apply. It was a slaughter from beginning to end, a no-doubter to end the regular season and begin the playing-out-the-string of the good kind, waiting for the eventual ALDS against Boston. Tommy Hunter got shelled and didn't last three, the Rangers' pitching staff had nothing, Ervin Santana went the distance for a CG SHO, and I'm watching as every last Angel on the 40-man roster is getting his head absolutely doused in champagne.

Eleven wins, boys. Let's get cracking.

Touching: the team ran out to the Nick Adenhart photo in center field to touch it as a man.

By handing Texas a loss, it erodes Boston's magic number to one; the Sawx lost 11-5 to Toronto.

Update 9/29: BTF: "Angels Trail Rangers By Only Nine Games in 5th Order Standings!!!" Best comment on that thread, by Shredder (#18):

I didn't see the celebration last night because Extra Innings always cuts away right when the game ends, but my favorite part was Fuentes tossing his empty over the outfield wall. Probably won't be the only thing that leaves his hand and goes over the wall in the next couple weeks.
The Angels are still winning the division according to BPro's third-order standings, but by a much thinner margin (subtract nine from the win column).


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