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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Two Lousy Games

More Late-Season Stumbling By The Angels: Yankees 3, Angels 2

Scott Kazmir turned in a quality start, the Angels bats fizzled (again), and a team that has played 50 games in 52 days finally gets a day off. It's much needed.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

Dodgers Lose To Nats In Walk Off: Nationals 5, Dodgers 4

I'm having a hard time agreeing with the criticism of Chad Billingsley that he's not ready to return to the rotation because of this game; the walks were a concern, yes, but not much of one, and giving up one hit — a home run to Ryan Zimmerman — is hardly catastrophic, especially considering he had a no-hitter going through five. If you want to assign blame, look at the team LOB of 10.

ESPN BoxDodger recap

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Well, this should cheer you up.
How funny! I just downloaded that.
Too bad it got released less than a month before the season ends.

Still waiting for iPhone multitasking. It would great to continue listening to the radio broadcast while toggling in between Gameday and the FanGraphs app.

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