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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yankees Clinch On Sub-Par Angels Pitching: Yankees 6, Angels 5

If it hadn't been for an Ervin Santana four-run, two-homer implosion in the third, the Angels would have won this game. The Yanks would have clinched a playoff berth anyway thanks to Oakland's 9-1 rout of Texas, but being able to go forward with the win probably felt good for the perennially stressed Yanks; if you don't win a World Series, you've failed in Steinbrenner-land, and as Helen pointed out yesterday, that makes them 26-83 losers.

The Angels had some stirring late comebacks but unfortunately their team 12 stranded tells you all you need to know there. Torii Hunter also contributed more than arguably anyone but the pitchers to this loss, stranding five, a vote Fangraphs concurs with.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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Hunter has looked pretty awful at the plate in general, lately, swinging wildly at a lot of garbage.

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