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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Angels Winning Even In Mop-Up Mode: Angels 4, A's 2

It sure seems odd that the Angels continue to win against the A's despite the fact that they're basically coasting waiting for the season to end. The Angels won largely on Robb Quinlan's bat, with Q knocking in three of the Halos' four runs. Scott Kazmir also had a good outing, going five scoreless innings. The A's scored their two runs in Jason Bulger's eighth inning appearance.

The Angels knocked out Dana Eveland in the fifth, following a two-out Vlad Guerrero double, but even that was more likely the A's just deciding to limit the number of miles on their rookie pitcher.

With their 96th win, the 2009 Angels now have the third best record in franchise history, with no chance of advancing past that. Congratulations, guys, it's been a terrific year. And congratulations to Mike Scioscia for being the first manager to send his teams to the postseason six times in his first ten years managing the team.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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He only sent them to the post-season four times in his first eight years (still impressive). This is his tenth year. He's taken them six times in the last eight years, but not his first eight years.
Six in the first 10 is the claim. Shockingly, it appears to be true.
Corrected above, though I could have sworn that was six in eight when I first read it. That did sound funny to me, so I should have looked more carefully at it. Thanks.

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