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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ex-Cub DeRosa On The Ex-Cubs Curse

Well, sorta:
"It might be me," former Cub Mark DeRosa said afterward as he saw Chicago media headed his way. "It better not be because I'm not retiring for a while."

Then he thought and added with a slight smile:

"This is three years in a row. It is me."

Gee, and the Cubs might think about bringing him back as a free agent?

Of course, DeRosa could more easily have blamed his teammates, because he had more hits in the series (five) than any other Cardinal, including Albert Pujols.

"It is what it is," DeRosa said. "I'll keep grinding."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Bernie Miklasz blamed the Cubs for Thursday's loss (no, really!):
Those lucky Dodgers, leading a charmed life and enjoying outrageously good fortune.

The Dodgers thought they were playing the Cardinals in the 2009 NL Division Series.

Instead, the Chicago Cubs showed up again.

Really? So, I suppose in the Mound City, the worst epithet evar is to call somebody a Cub. Amazing.

Via BCB.

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