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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Frank McCourt Fires Jamie As CEO

Per SI.

In the Times:

Jamie McCourt is believed to be lining up investors for a possible effort to buy out her husband and gain sole control of the team. In addition, she is believed to have started calling prominent baseball figures, with the intention of arranging meetings to discuss the direction of the team.

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Take that!

This is going to get ugly.

Seriously, though, it's a shame to see a couple that's been together for 30 years going through this. Here's guessing that interns/administrative assistants or something along those lines suddenly became available to Frank, as owner of a team, that he didn't have when his claim to fame was owning a parking lot.
Sounds like a likely scenario.
I would very much like you all to know how much more difficult that was on an iPhone than doing it on my laptop. That said, I was pretty damned impressed that I could do it at all while driving to tonight's Angels game.

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