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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Twins @ Yankees ALDS Game 1: Yankees 7, Twins 2

Top 1st: Denard Span clocks a leadoff double but C.C. Sabathia strikes out the next two batters. A passed ball in Joe Mauer's at-bat allows Span to reach third. Sabathia gets Cuddyer to fly out harmlessly to center to end the threat, and it's the Yankees' turn to bat against Brian Duensing in the bottom of the frame.

Bottom 1st: The Yanks get leadoff man Derek Jeter aboard on a single, but he never advances past second, and Brian Duensing holds down the Yanks for an inning.

Top 3rd: Sabathia gives up a leadoff single to Nick Punto but retires Denard Span on a 5-4-3 double play. Orland Cabrera singles, Joe Mauer doubles, and a Michael Cuddyer single and a wild pitch score both Cabrera and Mauer to make it 2-0 Twins. Sabathia strikes out Jason Kubel to end the frame, but the Twinks are outhitting the Bombers by 6-1. Brian Duensing hasn't allowed a baserunner since Jeter's leadoff single in the first.

Bottom 3rd: And just like that, the game's tied 2-2. Duensing gave up an infield single to Melky Cabrera, a wild pitch, and ultimately a Derek Jeter homer. Duensing's not done giving up hits, as he gives up a single to Johnny Damon, and there's still only one out.

Duensing almost gets out of it as Mark Teixeira hits a smash to short, but Orlando Cabrera's throw to first is wild, eliminating the double play. A-Rod strikes out, but New York has tied the game.

Top 4th: Sabathia finally has a 1-2-3 inning. He's burned 76 pitches through four, but he's a horse and the Yanks are gonna ride him.

Bottom 4th: Robinson Cano reached on yet another blown double play, and Nick Swisher makes him pay with an RBI double down the left field line. Delmon Young gets the ball to the infield in time, but Joe Mauer botches the catch and the run scores. 3-2 Yankees for the lead.

Bottom 5th: Duensing gives up yet another run, this time with two out and A-Rod at the plate, an RBI single on the first pitch to plate Derek Jeter. It's 4-2 Yanks, and Duensing's getting the hook; Francisco Liriano takes the mound.

Liriano almost immediately gives up a two-run jack to Hideki Matsui to make it 6-2 Yankees, and we're nearing rout territory here from what had once looked like a good pitchers' duel.

Top 7th: The Twins manage to get a pair on second and third with two out, and Orlando Cabrera at the plate. Phil Hughes gets him to strike out swinging after a 10-pitch at-bat, but the Twins' two-out rally is snuffed out.

Two worst things about the Twins' broadcast:

  1. Calling "God Bless America" "traditional" and "baseball's national anthem".
  2. Ads from a local megachurch talking about how some athlete or other is in sync with Jesus. Cringe.
The best thing about it, of course, is that it is not the Yankees homer broadcast.

Bottom 7th: A-Rod picks up another RBI for a 7-2 Yankees lead. Jon Rauch has a couple on first and second, and faces Jorge Posada with a 2-0 count; Posada bounces to second to end the frame. The run is unearned thanks to Michael Cuddyer's error.

Top 9th: Mariano Rivera to close out a game with a five-run lead? Yup. What's more, he gave up a pair of baserunners, and they got to second and third (Denard Span and Nick Punto, respectively); but Rivera got O-Cab to bounce out to second to end the game.


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