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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Buster Olney: Tying Up Loose Ends To Yesterday's 3-Way, Jays, A's To Trade Michael Taylor For Brett Wallace

Twitter feed link. Who the hell are these guys? Michael Taylor was a Phillies outfield prospect sent to Toronto as a consequence of yesterday's three-way deal sending Cliff Lee to Seattle. Taylor seems like a good-possibly-great outfielder with strong OBP and SLG skills. Making his first pass at AAA at age 23 is about right for the Phils' third-best prospect according to the latest Baseball America rankings.

Brett Wallace was the third baseman sent to Oakland as a result of the Matt Holliday trade. Previously the heir apparent at third to seal a woeful decade with the perpetually injured Eric Chavez, the 22-year-old posted outstanding numbers for AAA Sacramento (.302/.365/.505 in a half season). What Oakland plans on doing at third remains something of a mystery, which is why I really don't understand this deal from that standpoint.

Since the 3-way deal hasn't been consummated yet, my usual favorite read on these matters — BPro's Christina Kahrl — isn't yet posting anything on this. However, Joe Sheehan notes that yesterday's signing of John Lackey by Boston could mean bigger things to come by way of more trades, and in particular, Josh Beckett:

... [W]hat I'm thinking is that we've already seen two big three-team trades in the last week, and the Red Sox signing of John Lackey creates a path to a third, where the Red Sox get Adrian Gonzalez in exchange for Beckett and prospects, and a third team takes Beckett and provides additional prospects to the Padres. This re-creates the information gap that doesn't exist between the Sox and Padres by introducing a third organization. It allows the Sox to leverage their strength, starting pitching, to fix their weakness, which right now is the middle of the lineup. The third team will be getting what they'll see as a number-one starter (probably a good number two) with postseason pedigree that they can sell to their fan base. Because Beckett doesn't have the no-trade clause that Roy Halladay (and before him, Johan Santana) had, he doesn't have to be extended as part of a trade, making dealing him easier. The Padres would get the kind of franchise restart that they didn't get in the Jake Peavy deal, which is the only way they're going to deal Gonzalez. It's the kind of trade that can work for all the teams involved.
Update: Buster Olney says the Halladay extension has been consummated with $75.75M over the next four years, with a $20M vesting option in 2014; the vesting is predicated on his ability to stay healthy.

Also, Lackey's deal with the Sox has no performance bonuses.

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Brett Wallace will rock, Sun Devil.

Yields a big stick - wish we had him, he was better than Ethier offensively at ASU.

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