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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pickoff Moves

Dodger Front Office Maneuvers In The Dark (Of The McCourt Divorce)

McCourts Amicably Resolve Spousal Support Issue

I'll believe it when I stop reading about it in TMZ.com.
Despite a consistent refrain from Dodgers executives and Frank McCourt's lawyers that the club has been conducting "business as usual" despite the divorce proceedings, McCourt said in the filing that the "distraction is . . . creating a hardship for the Dodgers management."


Jamie McCourt, who claims she is a co-owner, has asked the court to set a later trial date. Frank McCourt's lawyers called that "gamesmanship" in Tuesday's filing, charging that she is stalling "in order to exact a more favorable settlement."

Joe Torre In 2011?

It could happen.

Snakes, Tigers, Yanks Near Big 3-Way Deal

A monster: It certainly gives the Yanks options up the middle, and solves one of their more vexing problems, as they haven't been very good in the last decade at producing young talent. Jay Jaffe has an analysis of this trade, and basically calls it throwing in the towel for the Tigers, who were only able to contend to the last game of the season.
Granderson's performance collapsed against lefties (.183/.245/.239 in 2009) and during the final week his routes to the ball looked awful, but he's basically a plus defensively according to the major systems, and a relatively affordable player ($5.5/$8.25/$10 million in 2010-2012 with a $13 million club option and $2 million buyout for 2013). The Yankees' big-picture desire to decrease payroll from their 2009 level wound up costing them a decent prospect whose upside may be Grandersoneque in Jackson (#7 on Baseball America's list of top International League prospects).
It's not a good move for Arizona, who loses their #2 pitching prospect along the way in Schlereth. Very puzzling indeed.

Update: AZ Snakepit has a good roundup of blogosphere and local opinion on this topic; Rob Neyer and his pals are very down on this deal ("All my friends seem to have this one the same: Great for Yanks, good for Tigers, terrible for Diamondbacks. My friends are usually right."); one interesting perspective for the other side is Arizona Republic sportswriter Nick Piecoro, who thinks the Snakes have given up on Scherzer, while liking what they saw in Arizona Fall League of Kennedy, who used the opportunity to fix some problems in his two-seamer (so he claims). Robothal observes that the Snakes turned a pair of relievers into a pair of starters. As the Dodgers' deal for Jae Wong Seo proved, those can blow up if the starter turns out to be pretty bad. Kennedy might have a resurgence in the NL, though.

Brad Penny A Cardinal, 1 Year/$7.5M

The ex-Dodger could make up to $1.5M more in performance incentives. I'm kind of surprised he went to St. Louis, but I suppose he wore out his welcome in San Francisco, too.

Peter Gammons Leaving ESPN After Winter Meetings

He'll join MLB Network. There's less and less reason to watch ESPN for baseball, and you have to wonder whether their Sunday Night Baseball series will be worth a damn in a year or two.

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