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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Dead Zone Between The Hot Stove And Pitchers And Catchers

And you thought this was a cobweblog ...

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Regarding your rhetorical question about Wang, how about Mulder or Escobar? Seems like it's pretty common for a pitcher to have a couple great years then be seemingly lost for good due to injuries.

I was hoping you'd summarize SIERA, as I haven't had the energy to read up on it myself. Plus my subscription just expired 2 days ago. I haven't decided if it's worth it to re-up or not. BP just hasn't been all that interesting to me for a couple years now, outside Kahrl and Goldstein.
That might make a good project. There's enough reading for a solid couple hours if you digest it properly.

Mulder's collapse and recently revoked retirement announcement was the subject of a David Pinto brief; David called it "one of the worst trades in [Cardinals] history". I can't disagree.
Absolutely. Can you imagine if Barton had turned out to be half what everyone expected him to be? Beane has received a lot of grief over the last few years after his boy-king veneer melted away, but you have to credit him on bailing on each of the "Big Three" at exactly the right time. Something for Angel fans to think about when they're calling for Reagin's job over letting Lackey walk and screaming for long-term extensions with Weaver and Saunders.

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