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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dodgers Sign Garret Anderson To Minor League Deal

He'll be competing with Brian Giles and Doug Mientkiewicz for a left-handed pinch-hitting role with the team. With the Dodgers' outfield, you have to believe the number of at-bats he's gonna get is pretty slim. The 37-year-old hit .268/.303/.401 with the Braves in 2009 over a surprisingly large 534 plate appearances. It's not a bad deal for the Dodgers, and I would have to guess that at this point Anderson might just be the best fourth outfielder the Dodgers have at the moment, having paid little attention to the bench role jockeying in the offseason. It's kind of a surprise to see him go this late in the offseason, considering.

Update: MSTI slaps me out of my torpor, reminding me that Xavier Paul has the fourth OF job sewn up, or really, any of several different candidates. So this is really a puzzler.

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Reed Johnson and Brian Giles are better, not to mention Xavier Pual, Brian Barton, and Jason Repko.
The LAT says Reed Johnson is the 4th OF.Yeah, the ATL used GA quite a bit last year and he hit some. I hope he finds a way told on to get to 3000 hits but at this rate it'll take 3 more seasons and its doubtful - he needs to go back to the AL and DH to have any hope.

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