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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hi Corbett, And Bye: Rockies 5, Cubs 2

The main point of this exercise was really to see the last of Spring Training in Tucson, because both the Rockies and Diamondbacks have announced their intention to move to Phoenix for 2011. In a sense, that's too bad; Tucson summer average temperatures are about 20°F below Phoenix, though that makes no difference for Spring.

Hi Corbett Field itself was an anachronism, a sub-9,000-capacity park with some of the most dilapidated stands I've seen in the circuit; no cup holders, aluminum bench seats almost everywhere (though with the plus of actual shade for at least the seats back of home plate — make it so, Arte), and cramped concourses built for a park about a third smaller, the Rockies clearly weren't planning on a lot of snowbirds winging their way south. In fact, the stands were mostly filled with Cub fans, and we sat next to a group of such, including one team-challenged guy wearing a Cards shirt whose wife, apparently, was a Cubs fan also.

The restrooms were clearly built for a smaller capacity, too, and about them, the less said, the better.

The game itself was amusing, mostly for Carlos Zambrano's RBI double in the second inning off Rockies starter Jeff Francis. Under ordinary circumstances, I would say that watching Z run the bases is like seeing what any of the Molina brothers might do if they ever indulged in speed, but Zambrano seems to have lost weight in the offseason, so maybe he's getting a lift that way.

Otherwise, the Rockies pretty much beat up on the junk end of the Cubs' bullpen hopefuls, only one of whom, Justin Berg, gave any indication he was a serious candidate to make the team (and he probably won't).

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