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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kendry To The Rescue: Angels 6, Yankees 4

I sold — or tried to sell (today's tickets didn't go) — all our Yankees series tickets, for various reasons, mostly because of too much business otherwise. This one looked like a fairly typical stumbling into a loss — Ervin Santana gave up four runs, and then going into the bullpen tied 4-4.

Yet, this time it was the Yankees' bullpen that coughed up the loss, with Kendry Morales following up on Hideki Matsui's leadoff single in the eighth with a two-run jack, the go-ahead runs coming off Joba Chamberlain.

The only bad thing to come of it: Bobby Wilson ended up hitting the DL after a hard hit at the plate during a collision with ex-Angel Mark Teixeira, with a concussion. It was Wilson's first major league start, too; I'm sure Mike Scioscia was suitably pleased that his young charge blocked the plate, but not so pleased that Teixeira scored regardless. The Angels called up Ryan Budde to replace him.

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Despite Scioscia's claim of it being a clean hit, I watched the broadcast on YES (I live in NY), and saw the replay from about twelve different angles, each more wince-inducing than the next. It was an extraordinary violent hit by Texeira and the back half of the plate was clearly open and accessible. Even the Yankees' announcers seemed shocked by it, repeatedly calling into question whether that kind of play was really necessary, and, if not, what the motivation might be (such as his being hit by Santana and the fans being enthusiastic about it -- speaking personally, I've felt that our side's vilification of Teixeira for "abandoning us" is a little excessive and at this point past expiration date, but I digress).

Anyway, Wilson certainly was trying to lean back towards the plate at the last second, but Teixeira really seemed to go out of his way lean towards the front-left side of the plate to nail him. I'm willing (mostly) to give T the benefit of the doubt that he thought it was necessary, but there ain't no question that he could have been safe without the violent approach.

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