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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Haeger The Horrible, Dodgers Can't Lincecumback: Giants 9, Dodgers 0

Bottom 1st: The Dodgers squeaked out of a rough first inning by Charlie Haeger. With a calm day, Haeger had almost nothing to work with for his knuckleball, and loaded the bases on a walk. But a wild pitch caused the baserunners to scramble; Haeger was credited with tagging Eugenio Velez out at the plate, though the subsequent replay showed the Giants got jobbed on the call, Velez catching the plate with a hook slide between Haeger's legs.

Top 2nd: Charlie Haeger continued to get himself in trouble, putting men on the corners with pitcher Tim Lincecum at the plate. Lincecum popped a perfect bunt up the right side, past Haeger and between the infielders to make it 1-0 Giants. Haeger's burned through a lot of pitches, and he's just struggling.

Haeger managed to escape further damage. Despite loading the bases once again, he struck out both Edgar Rentaria and Pablo "Kung-Fu Panda" Sandoval to end the frame. It's gonna be a long game for everyone, because the Dodgers need innings and it looks like Haeger can't provide them if he keeps this up.

Top 3rd: Lincecum again burned Haeger by hammering an RBI single into the right field gap with the bases loaded, the third time the Giants had juiced the bags this game; it's 4-0 Giants; and shortly thereafter, Haeger uncorks another wild pitch that makes it 5-0. It's looking like a very short day for Haeger.

Top 4th: Haeger got the hook (phew!) after surrendering two baserunners on a double and a walk; that brought Joe Torre's hook, with Carlos Monasterios entering the game. Andre Ethier missed Bengie Molina's towering pop fly in shallow right field along the first base line, the ball bouncing off his forearm to make it 6-0 Giants. And then Juan Uribe lines out to Matt Kemp, but the man on third — Aubrey Huff — scores, 7-0 Giants. Starting to look like time to mow the lawn.

Top 5th: After Lincecum reaches on his third hit of the game, Velez reaches on another single, putting men on first and second. Rentaria then blows one down the left field line that goes in and out of Garrett Anderson's glove. Anderson recovers from his slide, he throws a dart to third base, and then Ronnie Belliard relays to first, and thence Blake DeWitt to first; but the umps only give credit for the out at third despite the replays.

Top 7th: I fell asleep somewhere in here, and another Ramon Ortiz relief outing led to a forfeit score of 9-0 when he stuttered a hit and a walk. What a mess.

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