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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Meta: Slow

The season's early, but I find myself increasingly distracted by a number of things, including a side software project I want to take care of for my friends at the NESR. There's a lot of things I could say — I'm still going to the games, mostly (though I sold the Yankees series because I figured their fans' presence would make Angels Stadium a pretty unpleasant place) — but I find myself having little to say about most of the games I do watch, and missing crucial details of the ones that, even a couple years ago, I would have pointed and laughed at. Example: yesterday's Dodgers game, in which Russell Martin was both the goat and the hero. The beauty part was Nyjer Morgan getting nailed at third to end the sixth, ahead of pitcher Craig Stammen scoring — so the run didn't count.

This isn't the end of the blog, but it is me taking more time to just watch the game and enjoy it without commenting so much, or getting caught up in the day-to-day grind of it. Too many others are doing a better job of keeping a watchful eye on both teams, and that's fine with me. I'll still be around, and if I find something interesting to say about particular games or players, I'll say it.


Rob, please keep it up as best you can. Your work here is a valuable contribution to the blogosphere, and much appreciated.
Seconded. While there are certainly other places to go for Angels news, this is where I come for real analysis. I'll enjoy what you can continue to put forward.
Our loss is the English Shepherds' gain, but I'll continue to enjoy whatever you post here. I certainly fourth jjackflash's words.
I sixth the above. This is the only place I visit for decent quality analysis of the Angels.
Thank you very much for your time. This is the only blog I check (nearly) daily.
Thanks for the kind words, folks. The NESR stuff may be done sooner than I had anticipated, as it seems possible that a large portion of what I had imagined I would have to write is actually available off the shelf, something I discovered after a bit of research yesterday. Some features (necessitated by the "National" in the "National English Shepherd Rescue") aren't available, though, and so I'll have to continue digging.

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