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Friday, May 28, 2010

Dodgers Call Up Scott Elbert

Via a tweet from Dylan Hernandez.

Update: Tony Jackson has more, but still no word from anyone on the Dodgers' corresponding move; Jackson's logical speculation is that it would be seldom-seen Nick Green.

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And Green it is.

Now just Anderson is left. That double probably bought him two more months minimum.
Yeah, I was following along on my iPhone at tonight's miserable Angels game; shocked to find not only did he double but scored a run, too. I disagree on the duration of his stay of execution, but do think he earned one.
I hope his stay is less than that, but he actually got the start tonight and batted second, so clearly Torre was pleased to a fairly high degree.

Of course, Torre then lets him hit for himself against a lefty. So sadly, it may be two months or more.

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