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Monday, May 10, 2010

Hammered: Mariners 8, Angels 1

So, a day after the M's fired their hitting coach, the Angels obligingly sent a wobbly Ervin Santana to the mound, helping the M's to an outsized victory. As the Bill Plunkett recap noted, the Angels lead the majors in walks allowed by the pitching staff, a consequence of having so many power arms whose control has simultaneously deserted them. Plunkett:
You could make the case that Santana actually pitched worse than his numbers indicate. The Mariners (perhaps a little rusty when it came to baserunning) had three players thrown out within 90 feet of home plate.
I came in to this game just as the fourth inning's second homer was leaving the yard. I've never been all that sold on Santana; he can have brilliant moments, and he can put out some real stinkers, too. I imagine he'll be well-paid when the Angels let him go at the end of his current deal in 2012. Maybe that's for the best, especially given the alleged intramural finger-pointing going on behind the scenes in the dugout.
"I think we're trying to do too much with runners in scoring position. We're not doing the same as last year," Santana said. "Last year, we had a lot of fun, just went up there and had fun. This year, we have too much pressure on."
I wonder who might be providing that pressure, Ervin.

In 2006, when the team stank, you knew they were in for some rough times because of the necessity of introducing a number of new players. Now, there's no such excuse, only the knowledge that the team's aging is putting them in an increasingly rickety place in the future.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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