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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Santana Goes All The Way And Slays Jays On 10K's: Angels 8, Blue Jays 3

Probably Ervin's best game all year in some respects, especially considering what a home-run happy club this is; the Jays finished the night still leading the league in home runs, even though they lost the game. All three Toronto runs came on solo blasts, which, yay for no base runners.

The offense managed to beat the snot out of Ricky Romero, who had a 2.71 ERA going into the game and hadn't surrendered so many runs since a 10-5 blowout at the hands of the Yanks last September 3, long after it was obvious the Jays wouldn't be a force in the division. Unlike that time, all of his runs were earned, setting a personal mark for suck in the majors; top and bottom the Angels battered him, the only Angel not getting a hit being Juan Rivera, and even he scored a run. Rivera reached on one of third baseman Edwin Encarncion's three errors in this game, and even then he scored on a wild pitch. It was a day full of gifts, and while you could smirk at those, at least the Angels capitalized.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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The three HR obscure just how dominant Ervin was tonight. His off-speed pitches, which appeared from my vantage point to include both sliders and changeups, were flat-out unhittable. Every single player in the Blue Jays' lineup flailed away at them over and over. That they got lucky on a trio of first-pitch fastballs thrown by a guy with a four or five run lead was not lost on Santana, either. None of that mopey body language we sometimes see from him; he just wanted to get back in the dugout so his teammates could take their hacks. He worked exceptionally fast tonight as well, which probably helped. Credit some of that to Mike Napoli, who's in the midst of one of his patented hot streaks following a lackluster April. His game calling seems to follow a similar arc, or maybe it's the other way around.

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