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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Angels Erase Kershaw's Five Good Innings Late: Angels 6, Dodgers 3

What genius decided the Dodgers/Angels interleague series should be mid-week, anyway? It was so odd that even Vinny commented on it during the game. I have a hard time getting to the park midweek, so it was something of a shock to me.

Kershaw pitched an excellent game through five, but came up short in the sixth when he gave up a three-run jack to Bobby Abreu, this after allowing only a single and a pair of walks in that span, and retiring nine straight after Howie Kendrick's leadoff single in the first. (And by the way, how is that Howie-at-leadoff experiment working? In small sample sizes (5 games, 23 plate appearances) he's hitting .364/.391/.636. That's a lot closer to what I expect from him than his season numbers.

The Angels pecked away at the Dodgers in the seventh with a long two-out rally that might have been even longer had Juan Rivera not been immediately picked off third after being balked over from second. Ay, yi, yi. The Angels mustered four straight two-out hits to retaliate, and cleared a three-run lead for good. It proved even impossible for Fernando Rodney and Brian Fuentes to mangle affairs, though they (Rodney in particular) did give it a good try. Fortunately for the Angels, with no outs and men on first and second, Matt Kemp hit into a double play. I have been on the record as opposed to Ned Colletti's comments against Kemp, but maybe MSTI's comment implying he's been overused isn't far from the truth? He's having a miserable June, and perhaps a day off.

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