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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bad Luck Is The Residoo-doo Of Design: Angels 2, Dodgers 1

I'm still rubbing the astonishment out of my eyes, for there's something carnally wrong about the way last night's game ended. Brian Fuentes had no business getting out of that jam by having Russell Martin make the last out at second on a baserunning blunder, the Dodgers' second of the inning, the first being Matt Kemp getting picked off second. Jamie Carroll's pinch-hit flyball single to shallow left center should have tied the game; but Martin's wide turn at second left enough air between him and the bag that Juan Rivera threw a dart to dash the Dodgers' hopes.

On top of all that, apparently there was a controversy over whether Fuentes balked on the pickoff throw that nabbed Kemp. MSTI says it went uncalled, and while I was watching the game at the time, I still for the life of me do not understand why balks do or do not get called. (Memories of Kevin Malone has an animated GIF that conclusively shows an uncalled balk; Fuentes' knee was, in fact, bent.)

Matt Kemp started the night with a two-out line drive in the first that was right to Kevin Frandsen, and that set the tone for the Dodgers, who just couldn't get runners home. Joel Pineiro wobbled early, then settled down and retired fourteen straight until he walked Andre Ethier to end his night in the eighth. John Ely pitched nearly as well, recalling the Ely from his first half-dozen starts or so, but he took the collar for the loss. Given how well he'd pitched earlier, I was shocked to see him with a 3-5 record. Not much to say there.

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#1 way to get called for a balk is to not get called for one and to be called out for it... expect a Fuentes balk to be called within his next three appearances.

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