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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

David Pinto On The AL West Race

"This division is Texas’s to lose", says David, and I'm not inclined to disagree. What's worse is it's not clear what the Angels can do to improve, not only at the trade deadline, but in the coming offseason. Too many hot prospects appear to have lost their luster permanently (Brandon Wood, and to some degree, Howie Kendrick), too much pitching is aging, and the bullpen is a shambles.

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I won't contest most of this, but are we really taking the "our starting pitchers are old" tack? That's just bizarre, given that everyone in the rotation save for Pineiro is under 30, and Pineiro is 31. Only the bullpen is on the old side, and even then, the average Angels pitcher age (28.9), an average inclusive of the bullpen, is roughly identical to the MLB average (28.7).
yes, our pitchers aren't old, and besides, Kaz, it's the least of our concerns right now. Howie's fine, but Wood's failings are costing us big now.

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