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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Minors Start (Bogus) HGH Tests

Craig Calcaterra has the excellent scoop on random testing for HGH MLB has started on its indentured servants in the minors. The one graf you really need:
More significantly, the HGH test baseball will be using is the same one mentioned back in February: the test a British rugby league used to catch one of its players. What will likely be left out of these new columns is that (a) the rugby player was the first one in several years of alleged HGH testing to ever be caught; and (b) he was only caught because testing officials received a tip the night before that the player had received a big honking shipment of HGH. If the rugby league was really using the test, it never caught anyone through random testing.
As Craig intimates, this is just for show, a PR exercise that will catch only those MLB's drug overseers have been tipped off about.


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